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 Our joy in life comes when we see our children happy and experiencing true unconditional love. We have been blessed with three kids, Sasha, Chris, and Alexa, who gave us happiness, love and meaning to life. 

SACHI is a small dedication from my wife and myself to them, and the name is inspired from a Japanese word meaning “CHILD OF JOY”


LOYALTY’ is a critically important ingredient in both our business and our personal lives.


We decided at SACHI to go the extra mile and spoil our guests by picking every year the most loyal customers of the year and engrave on silver steak knives with their names.

Each time, they come and order a meat dish, the waiter comes take their knives from the Loyal Customers Wall of fame and present it in a red velvet wooden box.


Music is a form of art a way of expression, exactly like culinary arts, our seasonal playlist is our most essential ingredient to our essential recipe of warmth and atmosphere. From our guests’ feedback on our music and its essence, we have decided to have a seasonal CD giveaway with the check for our costumers.


In case anyone has missed it or want to have it on hand, we have uploaded all CDs on our soundcloud Sachi Restaurant.