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Seasonal Fine Dining & Beach Bar


It is a laid-back lounge that welcomes funky jazz and food styling during the weekdays & fun party atmosphere on the weekends with top DJ’s

of Egypt & Middle East. Have a meal by the sea, listen to lounge music, changing with the rhythm of the day as the sun sets.

2019 Renovation & Evolution

Planted as seed, and grown into a refined lush tree of Culinary finesse with the warm trust of its guests. Marking an unprecedented journey that set new bench marks as a Culinary destination, Sachi By The Sea is once again moving beyond the expected in order to deliver new heights in beauty and hospitality. 

A Journey of The Senses

Our Culinary Advisor Top Chef Reif Othamn's creative cuisine will take you on a journey of tastes. Sachi By The Sea's seasonal menu embraces fresh local ingredients and mediterranean flavours with a twist.


Sachi by the sea operates during the summer in Hacienda, North Coast, hosting 200 pax daily with a wide variety of a truly unique experience, with a meal by the beach, listening to ethnic and lounge music, which changes pace depending on the time and the crowd.

Working Hours:


From  2:00PM till 7:00PM 

From 10:00PM till 3:00AM